dfreeeze makes everything melt away. At least it does so to ice and snow on your windscreen. Thanks to this nimble little assistant, you now have much more time for the things that are truly important in life – and a car freed from ice at the push of a button.

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Done! You will never have to scrape your windshield again!

NOTE: Is your auxiliary heater retrofitted?
Important notes for retrofitted auxiliary heaters
Retrofitted Webasto auxiliary heater:

You can use the dfreeeze system! For installation and startup, you can use " installation configuration 3". Please note the information in the General Installation Instructions (go to Downloads). You can obtain dfreeeze very conveniently from a VW workshop of your choice.

Retrofitted parking heater (original accessories/other):

Please contact our support to find out if your auxiliary heater is compatible with the dfreeeze system: dfreeeze@digades.de, +49 3583 5775 775 or contact us directly.

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