It’s nice to have a quiet start to your day. And that is what you get with dfreeeze: push a button, and your windows are freed from ice. Take the time you deserve!

Your dfreeeze team

A clear view and a warm car

Use the dfreeeze system to control your parking heater via your smartphone – no more window scraping thanks to dfreeeze.

Iced-up and fogged-up windscreens cause many accidents in the winter. But there is a way around it: dfreeeze helps you switch your car’s parking heater on in time. Whether you are having breakfast in the morning, going to lunch from your office, arriving at the airport gate in the afternoon or finishing an evening meal at a restaurant, you don’t need to go outside to activate the parking heater with your remote control. A simple click in the app is enough.

Gemütlich einen Kaffee trinken und dabei die Standheizung bequem von zuhause aus steuern - das ist dfreeeze.

Controlling your parking heater via app

  • Free app for iOS & Android: The dfreeeze app allows you to control your parking heater via your smartphone, tablet or computer, whatever you prefer.
  • Controlling multiple parking heaters: Does your company or family own several vehicles? No problem for dfreeeze. The app allows you to contact every parking heater in your fleet that is equipped with a dfreeeze receiver.
  • Multiple users: The parking heater can be controlled by several people if they have been approved in the app by the main user.
Dashboard der dfreeeze App

dfreeeze App

The main screen – keep an eye on everything.

The app’s main screen takes you to the functions you need:

  • Check status

  • Program departure time

  • Control parking heater(s)

  • Settings

The upper section shows your current vehicle; simply use the arrows to quickly switch between vehicles you can control. The main screen also contains the account settings, app information and the logout button.

Mit dfreeeze können Sie zwischen mehreren Fahrzeugen zur Steuerung der Standheizung auswählen.

dfreeeze App

List of vehicles

Before you can control the parking heater in your vehicle via the dfreeeze app, you first have to add it to the list of vehicles. This list helps you manage the vehicles that are fitted with a dfreeeze.

When you create a new vehicle in the list of vehicles, you will be asked for the following parameters:

  • D200 phone number

  • Serial number

  • Verification key

Once you have entered the data successfully, you can select the required vehicle and control your parking heater via the app.

Mit dfreeeze lässt sich die Abfahrtszeit im Voraus programmieren - freie Scheiben und ein warmes Auto warten genau dann auf Sie, wenn es Zeit ist, loszufahren.

dfreeeze App

Programming your departure time

You already know exactly when you want to leave the next morning? Then enter your departure time and desired comfort level directly into your dfreeeze app, the system will regulate everything automatically. All you need to do is get in and drive off...

* See our FAQ on the topic of “Are there any restrictions for temperature request?”

Statusbildschirm der dfreeeze App

dfreeeze App


Would you like to know whether your parking heater is currently running, or how warm it is inside your car? With dfreeeze you can simply call up this information in the app’s status section.

  • Heater status: On / Off

  • Remaining time*

  • Temperature

Please see the FAQ topics: “Are there any restrictions for displaying the remaining time?”

Mit dfreeeze lässt sich die Standheizung im Auto ganz einfach steuern

dfreeeze App


Would you like to activate your parking heater directly? Not a problem. Optionally you can also modify the running time.

In the “Control” section, choose between heating and cooling* and enter the heating/cooling period.

* Please see our FAQ on the topic of “When is manual mode switching possible?”.