Final series of dfreeeze successfully sold off - no more new systems available

After 10 years and many thousands of dfreeeze systems in use throughout Europe, the last device from the final series has now been installed. As the technical possibilities and user habits for controlling parking heaters via app have also changed over time, it becomes necessary to pave the way for new solutions. Therefore, dfreeeze will now only be available for use up to and including June 2026.

What does this mean in concrete terms if I currently use dfreeeze to control my parking heater via smartphone?

Activated systems with a valid licence can still be used until 30. June 2026. You will retain the full range of functions of dfreeeze until the end. You can continue to renew current licences as usual in the dfreeeze app. From the end of June 2023, 3-year licences will no longer be available for licence renewal. 12-month licences can still be purchased from July 2023 until 30. June 2025. For further licence renewals after 30. June 2025, the renewal tariffs in the following table apply:

Licence extension Licence period Fee per licence
until 30. June 2025 12 Months 19,90 EUR
from 01. July 2025 9 Months 14,95 EUR
from 01. October 2025 6 Months 9,95 EUR
from 01. January 2026 3 Months 4,95 EUR

Please note: dfreeeze licences expiring after 1. April 2026 can subsequently no longer be extended! With a valid licence, you can still use your dfreeeze as usual until 30. June 2026.