Control your parking heater with dfreeeze

Control your parking heater via app. Here you can learn more about the first start-up of your dfreeeze system.

dfreeeze Nutzungslizenz erwerben

Here you can get the dfreeeze licence for the dfreeeze system: buy your dfreeeze licence here

download and installation of your dfreeeze app

Here you can download the dfreeeze app for free:

App Store

Google Play

Web App

dfreeeze kit

You can order your dfreeeze kit on Amazon Germany or directly in your car workshop.

dfreeeze on Amazon.de

Please notice: the dfreeeze system can control various parking heaters. Please ask your car workshop for further details with the assistance of the dfreeeze assembly guide (available in "Downloads").

Installation of the dfreeeze receiver

dfreeeze can be built in by your car workshop. It doesn't matter if you already have a parking heater or if you want to install a completely new one.  You will find further information in the login area.

Geschafft - dank dfreeeze müssen Sie nie mehr Eis kratzen.

You can start now: Choose the parking heater you want to control and set the departure time.

Enjoy your time, because your dfreeeze system will 'scrape' the ice off the car for you.

Get more information about the dfreeeze system to control your parking heater here.