dfreeeze App

What is the dfreeeze App?

You can control your parking heater as you wish with your smartphone, tablet or Mac/PC.

On which systems can I use the dfreeeze app?

The dfreeeze system can be used with iOS and android systems or with a web app on your computer.

Several users and multiple parking heaters

Do you have multiple parking heater types in your household/company? That is no problem for dfreeeze: you can control each parking heater in your car pool, as long as they are equipped with a dfreeeze receiver.* It is also possible to let several users control the parking heater. You can find more answers regarding our dfreeeze system in our FAQ.

* restrictions possible, please read our FAQ.

Functions overview

The main screen of the app guides you to the functions:

  • request status
  • Program departure time
  • Control your parking heater
  • Settings

The upper area shows your current vehicle. The arrows help you to switch easily between the different vehicles of your list.

You can find account settings, app information and the logout button in the bottom area.

* Limited functionality in vehicles without W-bus connection: no status request; heating/ventilation/automatic mode is preset by the parking heater

Switch the parking heater on and off with your dfreeeze system

With this option, you can switch your parking heater on and off and change between heating and ventilation* in a set timeframe.

* Change of operation mode (heating/ventilation/automatic mode) only possible with W-Bus.

Programming the departure time

When do you need a warm car? Set your desired departure time and comfort zone. The system will automatically calculate the switch-on time for you.

* The calculation is based on a specified temperature value in cars without W-bus/temperature sensor.

Status request of dfreeeze system

Under 'status request' you can request and trackactions that are already completed.

* Status request only possible with W-Bus

Vehicle list dfreeeze

To control your vehicle with the dfreeeze app, the vehicle must be entered into the vehicle list.

User name, PIN of the receiver and a password are requested in this menu.

You can control several parking heaters with the dfreeeze app.